Chocolate Shoggoth Shake

The Ziggurat

Compositor: D Boyd

July 1955,
It's so hot, unbearable record highs
Only one place to go
Time for a frosty treat from Eskimo Joe's
People come from all around for the best in town
You cant resist it, Tastes so fine, Flavors so divine
But the special of the house, The Chocolate Shake
Oh, it's to die for

When you come to the store, Joe greets you at the door
With a toothy grin and eyes that speak of sin

Cause in the blender...
The dark syrup is the key, the thing that makes them come to him
The masses know it's what they crave
The shake he offers everyday
Chocolate Shoggoth Shake

Back at home and in the cellar something hidden deep within
there he has the ancient dweller, harnassed now a slave for him
And he chops it into bits and feeds it to his patrons
pieces of the shoggoth in the pit

Little do the people know, what they eat consumes their soul
Ingesting this concoction, gestating evil's got them

Months pass, winter decends, soon to come to fruition
Deep down underground in vaulted tombs of night
The servant calls in his blasphemous rite

"Ia! Awaken now! My children return to your home!
Vacate your human vessels and emerge into this world!"
A sudden pain grips all the town
Screaming they all fall to the ground

Black ooze choking, their throats are bloating
their bodies, the young are eating
Crawling, vomiting, through every opening
the things are coming
Lifeless shell left behind, as they swarm across the countryside

Slithering through the night, black shapes of ancient might
twisting in strange contortions, countless eyes and sensing organs
Searching for a way back home, for the door to the vault below
To heed their masters call
"Teka-li-li!", they go!

Back at home and in the darkness somewhere hidden deep within
there are pits of ancient dwellers, harnessed they are slaves of Him.
And Joe, will sleep for countless years
Until the time is right again for the breeding of the shoggoths to begin.

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