The Initiate

The Ziggurat

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Candles burning low as the initiate stands alone
Calling out names of old, to ancient gods he doesnt know
before the threshold to another world of the unknown
Great blasphemer believes he holds the key

He cannot see the truth
Too blinded by youth

He opens the blackened book
Removes the nail and hook
Spills his blood upon the floor
to constitute the ritual

In the dark he stands alone
And to the beast he speaks...
Come to me...Idimmu
Come to me, I know that you are there

Dancing round, the circle on the ground drawn in blood
Dark souls whisper in his ear
Come with us, there is no fear

And as he signs the book in blood he dies
The light leaves his body, a blackened shell remains
He falls to his knees, he feels the dark energy
Pulsating in his veins, the blood of the wicked remains

"I am reborn...I am the blood"

The blind one, he cannot see
He doesnt know what he has done
He has lost it all
His good is gone

In the darkness he found life
And it cost him the light

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