The Hickman Cemetery Horror

The Ziggurat

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Deep down within the sleepy hills, there is a place
A Cemetery, where the dead shall never rest
Nothing there remains...but ancient graves
No corpse has been set within the ground...
for countless ages
And the legends of the locals say
At night something lurkes between the monuments of death and decay

Down at Hickman Cemetery

The last caretaker, old man Hickman
He has said he regrets the day he locked the gates
and stopped puttinig bodies into the earth
For closing the graveyard brought upon them the worst

Because the things the locals see
Live beneath the tombs, in catacombs they reside

Wasting away, starving deep inside, emaciated ghouls, slowly they die
Then one night they came, while close across the street
old man Hickmans daughter in bed fast asleep

She did not hear them
As the window opened
Frenzied from starvation
Not upon the dead with they eat
But the supple flesh of the living will be thier feast

The very next morning Hickman found what remained
Human teeth and bones
And a trail of blood...leading to the graves
What the search party found they kept locked away
Deep within the ground
Safe and sound, as long as THEY feed
So the townsfold reopened the Cemetery

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