On the First Day

The Ziggurat

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On the first day, when the world was without form
in the darkness, the black, the void was home
and in the waters, in the waters of the deep
the darkness reigned...reigned supreme

For you, for me, across the endless sea's
the sprit of god moved across its face
and looking away he began to say
let there be the light...
On the first day...

And on the second day, the waters were still awry
so with a divine hand he began to create

For you he made upon the second day
the firmament he did create
One above and one below
the division was heaven, it was known

And on the third, he made the seas as one
and brought the dry land from beyond
and of his kind he gave seeds of tree and vine
to the earth to multiply

On the fourth he made the stars...
the moon and the sun
divided the day from the night
so the two were not as one

Cant you see the things he made
the dawn of everything...

Number five, the foul did fly
he filled the seas of the earth
with creatures of his kind

Another day did pass
and now the sixth day has come at last
when he made the beasts of the earth
he then made man.....

For you he did say upon the seventh day
be free my children...run and play
and so it was by the word of God
the creation would and did take place...
On the first day......

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