The Road to Dunwich

The Ziggurat

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While traveling the road to Dunwich
so many dark years ago
It was then that I heard it
From above came the fathers call

It was heard in the night
out on Sentinel Hill
Where it is said the Gods live still

On Sentinel Hill, figures were dancing
and celebrating something unknown

It would happen on this night
Yog-Sothoth would arise
On this Samhain night behold...He arrives
Yog-Sothoth arise

My mind quivers at the thought of what I saw
A break in reality, a gate to outer spheres
And lowering from the crack in the unreal skies
Came a tendril of cylopean size

I saw people running from thier homes outside to see
As the horror from above descended to the streets

It did happen on that night
Yog-Sothoth did arrive
On that hell born night, My God...Time to Die

It was then that I did run
From the son who called his fathers name, the one who is the gate

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